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landscaping and garden maintenance in the Alpes-Maritimes and Var

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Your herbs and vegetables at your doorstep

Growing your own vegetable garden

Growing and eating your own vegetables brings enormous satisfaction. As well as the aesthetic appeal, you get to work with nature, and you are rewarded with delicious, healthy produce for all the family.

Successful vegetable gardening takes time to learn and requires knowledge in multiple fields: selecting the plant starts or seedlings, timing, watering (neither too much nor too little), fertilising, and protecting against disease and insects.

The raised vegetable garden, a safe place for your herbs and vegetables

Planting in the ground can present several challenges: unsuitable soil or exposure, time-consuming daily maintenance and poor posture.

What about a raised vegetable garden bed? Terre de Provence offers a range of bed sizes or can custom build one to suit your available space. Compact and shallow, the raised bed requires less watering and maintenance. We fill it with a suitable soil mix and select plants that grow well together. We also make sure to plant to right amount of each vegetable, so you can enjoy a varied menu and avoid eating zucchini every day in the summer.

your project

Custom-made raised vegetable garden bed

To save you the hassle of watering, we can include drip irrigation to your vegetable garden bed.

our raised vegetable planters

We come to your home to assess your needs and design your vegetable patch

We discuss together which vegetables and herbs you need and where to set up the planters. We order or build the planters and install them in your garden:

  • Set up the planters in the ground

  • Fill with potting soil

  • Plant

  • Install stakes and trellises

  • Set up automatic watering, if necessary

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Made-to-measure compost bin

We can also set up a compost bin, which you can feed with your green waste, and which will nourish your vegetable garden every year.

Vegetable seeds

If you're a vegetable gardening enthusiast, we can help you sow seeds early in the year and then transplant them into your vegetable patch.

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