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Diseases and pests

Disadvantages of using pesticides

- Parasites become resistant to them
- Pesticides kill friendly insects such as bees and ladybirds
- Contamination of the ecosystem as a whole
- Health hazard
- Expensive

Advantages of integrated pest management

+ Increases plant diversity to limit the spread of disease, and to limit use of treatments which kill friendly insects.
+ Improves cultivation practices and benefits plants.

Natural treatments that we use regularly

Winter treatments: At the end of the winter season, treat the entire garden with a natural copper fungicide and white oils to control pests
- Use ladybirds to protect against greenfly
- Amino acids and trace leaf elements will strengthen your plants

As a general rule, good cultivation practices increase plant resistance to a number of diseases.


Our approach to soil regeneration

SOIL ENRICHMENT: Breakdown of mineral and plant matter

- Promotes microbial life
- Improves soil structure
- Improves water retention
- Enables plants to absorb fertilisers more easily
- Slows erosion
- Makes the soil easier to work with
- Significant reduction in the amount of chemical fertilisers used

We use the following trade enrichment products:
- Animal-based Biofertil to spread over olive trees during the winter
- Fabri Orga Perle and Medimus


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