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landscaping and garden maintenance in the Alpes-Maritimes and Var

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Noble and timeless, wood is ideal for a 100% natural terrace

Noble and timeless, wood is ideal for a 100% natural terrace

A shaded terrace in Grasse

Wood feels great - under our bare feet and when its scent mingles with the plants around it

Wood, a palette of colors and textures

We carefully select the decking, plants and trees and can design the background by integrating a low wall or raised beds.

In this project, our client wanted to create a transition between the kitchen and the garden, a cosy area that is easy to access and maintain. On the 80 square meter terrace, we created three spaces: on the left, a dining area, then a relaxation-apéro area, and finally, a space around a brazier.

A terrace in the soft shade

The centrepiece of our design is the pepper tree, whose weeping branches and light foliage create a soothing shady atmosphere.

We laid wooden decking on the floor of the lounge area, which is easy to install thanks to the joists and adjustable feet that form a flat and draining base. For the brazier area, we chose gravel, which is more rustic and economical.

wooden terrace in the shade

Light and color in the background

In the background, we have replaced the water-guzzling lawn with a bed of plants that thrive in the shade: Annabelle hydrangeas, paniculata, oak leaf, ligularia, tree ferns, leucothoea, fuchsia arborescens and Hedychium. To make maintenance easier, they are fed by a drip system during the summer.

How wonderful

it feels to move effortlessly between the kitchen and the garden, swathed in the subtle hues and scents of nature.

A terrace project ?

Terre de Provence jardinier paysagiste à Grasse

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