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We work around your needs, schedule and budget

A la carte garden maintenance !

We can provide one-off or regular maintenance, and can supply a quote for a maintenance contract.

garden maintenance

What do our maintenance services usually include ?


Weeding and hoeing of beds
Weeding of paths, steps and parking areas 
Removal of dicotyledons from lawns
Raking of dead leaves from beds, deadheading of flowers
Manual raking in gravel areas


Trimming shrubs, cover soil, bulbs and grasses according to their respective needs
Trimming of palm and fruit trees
Trimming and trellising and climbing vines

Lawn mowing

Mowing the lawn and trimming edges
Clearing with a  blower all pathways, parking spaces, and terraces.

Enrichment products and fertilisers

Spreading organic amendments for mulch-free beds
Integration of amendments or fertilizers in mulch beds
Treating aromatic and citrus fruit gardens with organic fertilizer
Addition of organic fertilizers or amendments to grassed areas
Specific fertilizing according to the needs of each plant
(Citrus Fruiting Fertilizer, Grass Whip Fertilizer, Special Cacti Fertilizer ...)

Watering and irrigation

Manual watering (where automatic watering is not installed)
Check-up of the automatic watering system and repair if necessary

Grinding and shredding

Shredding of plant trimmings on site or,
Evacuation of all vegetable waste to a paid landfill

Gardening professionals
garden maintenance

What are the benefits of using a professional gardener ?

  • We have technical skills and specialist knowledge on botany, soil and ecology.

  • We have special equipment to meet all of your garden requirements. As well as our traditional tools, we also have mini dumpers, mini diggers, 200-litre capacity pneumatic sprayers, scarifiers, soil injectors and a range of battery-powered tools to meet all of your needs.

  • We work hard to communicate and gain your trust.

  • We are happy to advise you on the best plant choices, and the best planting locations based on light and soil type.

  • We can suggest garden landscaping ideas which incorporate your preferences (see Our Gardens).

  • Our team of experts offers a whole host of garden maintenance-related services (see Our Services).

  • We adapt our gardening services depending on the season, and can prevent and control pest infestations.

  • Our eco-friendly approach is at the heart of everything that we do.

Gardening professionals
gardening professionals

How can I hire a professional and save money ?

Gardening professionals
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Domestic services tax credit with Terre de Provence

Obtain a 50% tax credit or reduction when using our services !

Domestic services

Claim your 50% tax credit or reduction for professional garden maintenance, which covers both one-off services and annual maintenance contracts.

bénéficiez de 50% de réduction sur nos services - Terre de Provence

The following services are covered :

  • Garden tidy-up
  • Pruning of hedges, shrubs and perennials
  • Lawn maintenance, mowing and clearing
  • Tidying of flowerbeds
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Removal of plant waste

Claim your 50% tax break on your gardening costs, capped at €5000 per year per household

You could receive a €2500 tax credit or reduction !

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