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A petanque game in your garden

Enjoy the fun of the Provence sport

A petanque game in your garden

Enjoy the fun of the Provence sport

Does your garden have a neglected area?

Also called bocce balls, petanque is a popular Provence game that is played at any age and goes well with hot summer days and Pastis. If you have a section of your garden which is unused, you can turn it into a petanque court, with its sand surface and wooden border reminiscent of Provence.

Our customer had a sunken area that was ideally suited to a pétanque court: sheltered from the sun by trees, it was long and narrow (3 metres by 15), and unused.

A petanque court in Cannes

Playing with materials and perspective

As that part of the garden is on a slope, we began by levelling it out by piling up railway sleepers and filling in the bottom with rubble. The sleepers were also used to build elegant steps leading up to the site.

To stop weeds from growing, we installed a geotextile fabric, which we then covered with sand grit. This permeable material creates a rolling surface that is ideal for petanque balls.

The final touch to brighten up the area around the petanque area is a vine that adorns the wall of the restanque, along with an oleander hedge.

A petanque area is easy to maintain

Once the surface is set, maintenance is easy, requiring only the addition of a thin layer of sand at the start of the season.

With the creation of the petanque court, our customer makes full use of his garden, and adds a element that catches the eye and contrasts with the surrounding trees and lawn.

Do you have a petanque court project?

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