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Savour the beauty of a sustainable Mediterranean garden

Despite how much we love walking barefoot in the soft grass, lawns don’t thrive in the Mediterranean climate. There’s just too little rain and too much sun. Lawns require intensive watering, pesticides and fertilizers, and hole-patching every spring. Unlike a lawn, a Mediterranean garden thrives in the French Riviera. It requires minimal maintenance and water, and its thick foliage is tread-resistant.

Mediterranean garden project
Recent project

How a 200 sqm garden in Peymeinade is transformed into a Mediterranean garden

When our client bought her house, her 200 square meter garden consisted of a lawn watered by a sprinkler system. It lacked charm and required extensive watering from June to October.

Our client immediately agreed to our daring project: replace the lawn with a Mediterranean garden with two distinct ambiences, separated by an alley.

On the northern side, we chose dry shade plants with decorative leaves. We laid poplar wood chips on the ground to add a soothing tone.

On the southern side, we planted shrubs and perennials that flower year-round, as well as herbs and edible plants that thrive in the hot sun. We covered the ground with light-coloured Malemort pebbles.

esquisse paysagist

Rather than azaleas and camellias, whose elaborate flowers require intensive watering and fertilizers, we turned to the rich palette of Mediterranean plants.

Over 30 species now ornate the garden, displaying a wide array of textures, shapes and colours. The garden still lacked a place to rest, so we added a paved area with a low table and comfortable seating alongside the house.

The alley and the contrast between the sunlit and shaded areas enlarge the garden. The drought-tolerant plants and the ground cover reduce watering, weeding and fertilization.

Best of all, no more lawnmowing !

creation de jardin sec 06
Mediterranean garden project

Our philosophy

Rather than adopting an all-out ecological or purely chemical-based approach, we prefer to opt for easy-to-maintain gardens based on sustainable cultivation methods.

Start today

Tips for a successful Mediterranean garden

Native plants

plantes pour un jardin sec

Mediterranean plants come in all shapes, colours and scents. The most common species are lavender, rockrose, sage and agave.

The family also includes :

yarrow, agapanthus, perovskia;

Grasse jasmine, wisteria and honeysuckle;

myrtle, abelia, germander;

California pepper tree and mimosa;

fruit trees
fig and pomegranate tree.

Ground cover

paillage minéral et végétal

To curb weed growth and reduce fertilization and water evaporation, you can cover the ground with mulch (poplar, blended, etc.) or stone (gravel, river rock, pozzolana, etc.). You can choose from a broad palette of colours and granularity.


arrosage goutte a goutte

After the first year, a Mediterranean garden needs far less watering than a lawn. An irrigation system can be useful during the hottest months, especially if your soil is well-drained.

Drip irrigation is ideal, as all the water goes to the ground. It encourages deep root growth, where the soil remains moist and cool.

Save water and efforts with a Mediterranean garden

Terre de Provence brings your Mediterranean garden to life

To begin with, we come to your home and design your project. We integrate your preferences and the constraints of your garden. We then give you your Mediterranean Garden Project booklet, containing :

  • A landscape drawing for the designated area

  • A suggested plant list that matches the exposure and soil type

  • Ground covering options

  • An irrigation schematic, if required

Mediterranean garden project
The cost of our preliminary study will be paid back upon the project execution.
Learn more about Mediterranean gardens

Sustainable gardening tips

Choosing plants

Our methods

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