landscaping and garden maintenance in the Alpes-Maritimes and Var

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Paths and steps

Stone or wooden steps
Hard surfaces for paths, entrances and steps in gravel, stone, aggregate concrete, wood or Japanese blocks
Galvanised edges

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Watering and irrigation

Good water management is a top priority, with an emphasis on calculating and controlling water costs

Good water management is a top priority, with an emphasis on calculating and controlling water costs
In-depth studies and project designs
Systems installed by a specialist team
Lawn irrigation using built-in watering systems
Flowerbed irrigation using built-in drip systems
Electronically operated system

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Fences and Enclosures

Traditional mesh fences, hard panels, wooden panels

  • Couverture mulch


Weed suppressant membrane
Mineral layers, including: pebbles, gravel, pozzolans etc.
Organic layers, including: mulch, poplar bark, RCW woodchips

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Olive tree maintenance

Our passion for this most beautiful and sublime Mediterranean species will ensure that your olive groves are resplendent all year round.

We use eco-friendly, battery-operated equipment to quickly pick and harvest your olives, before taking them to the mill where they will be transformed into olive oil.

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Outdoor lighting

Lighting plans and installation
Lit-up areas, colourful lights etc.
Installation of floodlights and energy-saving outdoor lamps

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Trimming and pruning

Protect your garden against high winds, storms and falling branches.

Avoid having to call out a roofer, make a long-winded insurance claim or pay costly legal fees to resolve a disagreement with your neighbours.
Let us assess your trees and carry out the necessary work including pruning, cutting back, felling and tidying, giving you peace of mind on the safety of your home and garden.

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Masonry, landscaping and earthworks

Land shaping small rockeries
Cutting trenches for service pipes and cables
Rendered or stone-clad low walls

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Lawn turf
Grass seed for Mediterranean lawn or meadow scarification
Artificial turf

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Small spaces, vegetable gardens, pétanque courts

Small spaces, vegetable gardens
Development of small spaces
Pétanque courts (bocce courts)
Vegetable gardens

Revive unused areas of your garden and create a spacious area to relax with a glass of beer, play pétanque or entertain friends and family. We begin by levelling the ground, then add crushed gravel and Biot sand which are compacted down. Railway sleepers are used to create the borders.
Alternatively you may want to add a small vegetable garden to grow your very own produce.

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Planting or transplanting of trees and large plants
Hoisting large trees

Living green walls, landscaping with grasses, vegetable gardens

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Terraces and balconies

Wooden or composite decking
Decorative plants
Installation of plant pots and holders (e.g. Ravel, Anduze) and planters (terra cotta, wood fibre etc.)
Supply and installation of garden furniture
Drip irrigation systems

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Garden treatments and fertilisers

Plant protection treatments
Authorised for use of chemical and organic products
Disease and parasite treatments
Organic treatments and integrated pest management
Fertilisers based on the specific needs of the plants
Fertiliser applied to trees and large plants using a soil injector
Foliar fertiliser treatments, trace elements, organic amino acids

Our team of experienced professionals will factor in every small detail, creating your perfect outdoor space completely ready for you to enjoy.

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